Parking Here 4 A While

The Primary and Master Copy of this WordPress Blog is on Our Primary WordPress Collaborative Website of> WordPress Blog Link>

The Primary and Master Copy of this material is on>>>

>Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s< >>>Primary Website<<< of—> 

16 WordPress Websites That Brought The Feds Down!!

Smile! You’re at the best site ever



An Important Note On Potential U.S. Government Censorship–>

Our Team’s Primary Website of went down in late February 2014 for a reason I cannot fathom.

At least I have a Relatively Current Menu of its Web Pages, as per the Above Listing.  

It is Entirely Possible to me that this Website was the victim of U.S. Government Internet Censorship, especially in light of the facts that (1) It is a Website directed at taking down our corrupt Federal Government with the Truth, and (2) Our Team had done an enormous amount of WordPress Website Development Work in February 2014 to the Point that the Truths on this ParticularWebsite of ours had become a Real Threat to the U.S. Government. Sadly, I had just paid $299. in December to dot com this WordPress Website for a year. That money is gone, I guess.

However, it is worthy to note that this site being down may be something my anonymous WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is Intentionally Doing in Order to Redirect Me to Other Websites of ours.

The Truth of this matter will come to the light of day fairly soon.


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