I Was Going To Buy The $299 Package 4 Our Incredible 8 Site, But I Just Found Out That I Got Ripped Off 4 $800

800 of unauthorized withdrawals by my nephew who lives in the house with me…


i have yet to say a word to anyone here yet

i have to get out of here as soon as i am able to

but on what money i have got i am stuck until next month

unless i get some help

more coming

This is a bizarre story.

I talked to the person in question.

He tells me he whacked my card for $700.

One hundred was “an authorized purchase”.

The other $600 was rent money my nephew took out in a completely unauthorized fashion by making repeated ATM withdrawals on FEB28.

My sister does not have any of this $600.

Her son is “holding it for her in his bank account”.


This is bizarre, especially in light of what was agreed upon, and what actually happened, when I trusted my nephew with my card and pin number to “run a 420 errand for both of us”.

I said two or three times “No more than $100” and he agreed every time.

Then when the card got returned I asked “how much did you take off of it?”, and was told “$80” as I got handed my card on Thursday night (FEB27th).

So I figured I had over $1,500 left.

Just before I spent $299 with Automattic, I called on my card balance, just to see where it was.  It was a little over $800.


The living situation I am in here is quite complicated.

I am not going to go into the details right now.

I cannot wait to get out of here and live in a supportive environment somewhere.

This is my last month here.

I will be leaving in early April 4 sure.

And I may be leaving in mid-March.

Just not now.

Too many uncompleted projects, more hacker problems than I have ever experienced on this iMac, and our main website is down.

It would be foolish 4 me to walk out now, as much as I want to.

I have to just swallow my pride, and remain calm and collected.

I did tell the man in question as firmly as I could “What you did was wrong on multiple levels, and it shows a clear lack of respect.”

“What the fuck did you think you were doing?” was a sentence that had to be said.

This material was written for my team.

I am not going to circulate it to other websites of ours.

Allen D


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