Trouble In Paradise; Allen D May Make Some Changes Soon

According to Allen D—>

I did everything right according to Standard Operating Procedure, but almost missed having a bed at MSC South tonight.

They never called my name. Something Odd sure happened tonight.

I finally got a bed, but I missed dinner tonight.

I thought I had some support here, and perhaps I do to some extent, but it is just not enough.

If I had a 90 pass here, things would be easy.

Getting up early to get a bed ticket, and missing breakfast to do this every day, is not easy.

People have told me “Other shelters in San Francisco are much better than this one.”

Tomorrow I am going to see if there are better options for me in regard to getting through the next two weeks.

I need to connect with a Supportive and Smart Social Worker who will put forth some time and effort on my behalf.

I am really going to miss what little blogging I have been doing, but I have to ditch my iMac somewhere very soon because the suitcase I am hauling it around in is failing.

I am at a loss for what to say next.

My best move now is to simply get a Good Night’s Sleep.

Goodnight all.



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