ADOGG Under Mild 420 Influence Could Create A Good Video Clip Today

Being well fed and well rested makes a lot of difference, as far as my aura goes.

Free form Amino Acids and other natural measures, especially the correction of flawed gut biology and avoiding allergic foods, gives me the highest degree of wellness.

This wellness shows up in my aura.

I can “sell ice to Eskimos” when I am chemically well, as evidenced by reaching Bernard Jensen’s target of “bowel health and function”.

Second to the above, and a heck of a lot cheaper, is for me to be well fed and well rested, and then smoke a little pot.

Pot “helps my brain to click”, just as healing alternative medical measures does.

I know the likelihood of my having an audience to present to today is very slim… and that’s OK by me.

I have no expectations.

Whatever happens, happens.

I am not in charge, God Is, is the way I look at things.

I felt it worthy to spend a few minutes to write this blog.

ADOGG with critical and deeply appreciated help from his WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Team


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