The San Francisco Bay Area Interests Me

This past night at the homeless shelter on 5th and Bryant was not that bad at all, despite the fact that I slept in a chair, just as many other men did.

It’s just after 5 am as I write this. I am sitting in the chair that I slept in. About ten minutes ago I took a hot shower, which was a real pleasure after no shower since I left Albany NY on the train.

My mood and morale are good.

Everything is different for me now, due to a significant portion of the Upper Echelon of Silicon Valley becoming aware of me, and “all of the anonymous help that I have gotten since Thanksgiving”—>

Help to a degree that I had never gotten before.

I have no fear in me of the Mafia or the Feds. If they want to make a mistake and act against me in any harmful way, that’s fine by me due to “Silicon Valley and many intelligent and moral people Internet witnessing this”.

I am fully prepared mentally to be an Internet Martyr if need be.

San Francisco, and the San Francisco Bay Area, interests me. It is a Good Place to try to Start a Justifiable Revolution in America.

In my prior three trips to San Francisco, two by train and one by minivan, perhaps I came to get more help than I could give–> as I was seeking protection from the American Mafia.

This trip is different.

I am here in San Francisco more to give than to get.

You folks out here that have been helping me need my help more than I need yours.

I think that whatever contract the Mafia had in force for years to take my life is on hold at the moment.

I believe that the Mafia knows I mean them no harm, and that I am trying to structure a mutually beneficial deal for them.

I admittedly may be wrong in the assumption that the Mafia no longer wants to kill me. They may just be biding their time. They sure do not want to get convicted “in the court of public opinion” for killing me.

Let’s take the Mafia out of the picture for a moment.

It’s the United States Federal Government and the people behind the scenes of an engineered collapse of America that we all should be concerned most about.

I have a great deal to contribute in regard to fighting the above.

I am perhaps the man our Federal Government fears the most; as I am in sole possession of alternative medical knowledge and discoveries that could crush them if “what I know” became widely known by the American Public.

Those persons out here that are associated with WordPress should strongly consider making themselves known to me, and begin actively helping me.

You should do so not just for my sake, but for your own sake as well.

Regardless of whether you folks out here make the wrong decision and remain anonymous, I respect your right to Make This Choice.

I will continue to try to help America and the World to the best of my ability at all times.

And I will Always Love Those Heroic Folks that Stood Up for Me in April 2012 and/or have significantly helped my WordPress Work since.

Allen D with critical help from his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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