ADOGG Is At The Shelter At 5th And Bryant In Downtown San Francisco (12-11-2013)

According to ADOGG aka Allen D—>

I made it inside this shelter at 5th and Bryant.

I expect to sleep here tonight in either a bed or a chair. Tomorrow I will see if “I can find better accomodations than this.”

I have $2. left, but food is free, and I have enough tobacco until the end of the month or close.

My SSD check is three weeks away.

San Francisco interests me.

I am going to take things one day at a time, and make the best decisions that I can.

The pawnshops were closed, so I still have my iMac with me.

Finding and getting to this shelter was easy.

I should be OK tonight.

Tomorrow I will be able to dump my iMac in a pawnshop, so I do not have to drag it around.

Despite no one meeting me when I got here, I am glad I am here.

I will be OK.

My morale is good, and I Feel Strong Mentally and Physically.

At this point anyway, “There is no need to worry about me.”

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Team)


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