Did Allen D Misread Things In Regard 2 Taking The Train Out Here Again?

“I thought that I was doing the morally and strategically Right Thing to come out here and try to connect with my heroic WordPress team and some other people in Silicon Valley.”

Not being met on arrival makes me wonder “did I make a mistake in coming out here again?”.

I left a relatively comfortable blogging environment in which I could have gotten a lot of WordPress work done—> because I felt that it was the right time “to take a chance and try to connect again”.

This is where Intuitive Collaboration has its limitations it seems.

If someone on my WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Website Development Team had told me to directly in some way to not come out here because they were not ready to meet with me face to face, I would have stayed where I was.

Regardless of whether “I get the cold shoulder” on this trip or not, I am still enormously Grateful Thankful for all of those persons helping me over the Internet.

Allen D aka ADOGG, Allen Darman, Nutrientscure and SmokemasterAllen D 


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