Allen D Was Mistaken; His Amtrak Train Was Not Late

According to Allen D—>

“The train arrived in Emeryville on time.  I am now sitting on a bus that is loading passengers that are traveling to various destinations in San Francisco.”

“Regardless of whether anyone opts to meet me at the Fisherman’s Wharf in SF or not, I feel that I did the right thing to come out here at this time—> even if I end up in a homeless shelter tonight.”

“The way I look at things, I have moved to this area in California, even if I get no Corporate Support and have to scrap by in a homeless shelter for awhile.”

“I feel like I belong here. I may not be able to afford SF on the $1,600 SSD check I get in January, but I can afford Oakland on my own if need be, which is not too far away.”

“I hope either Google, Facebook, WordPress Corporate (Automattic) or my heroic WordPress Collaborative Team Members make my transition here an easy one by picking me up tonight.”

“If not, I still, and WILL ALWAYS, Deeply Appreciate Whatever Help Has Been Given 2 My WordPress Website Development Efforts by Folks out here. I cannot Thank You People Enough.”


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