ADOGG Slept Until Chicago! Everything Is Fine So Far

I got maybe six hours sleep last night in bits and pieces.

I was dead asleep when we pulled into Chicago not too long ago.

I expect no trouble on this trip whatsoever 4 I have…

The INTERNET WITNESS Protection of WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, GOOGLE and God!

I also have Internet Witness Protection from Apple, LinkedIn and other Silicon Valley entities 2!

I feel so safe right now it’s not funny.

It’s a blessing to feel so safe after “what I went through With the Mafia SINCE JAN. 2010”.

I truly believe that the American Mafia will “Switch Sides” when the time is right to do so. (They would be foolish not to. I think that they realize this.) I say this despite the fact the American Mafia in NYC declined to pick me up and bring me to NYC to talk to them on November 7th, as I had proposed last month.


Allen D with heroic Expert WordPress help from Mark J and heroic WordPress Website Development help from our San Francisco Gang of WordPressWarriors 4 the Truth!


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