Allen D Is Waiting 4 A Steak Dinner On The Amtrak Train (12-8-2013)

It’s $25.75 on the menu, which is a bit steep 4 me.

Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself.

That’s what I am doing.

I will still have a C note left for meals while traveling.

This is a “Trust in God trip” 4 sure.

Thankfully, a hamburger is only about 6 bucks.

Written Later now that dinner is over…
My steak was absolutely delicious!

See you all in another 3 days!

I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’ this trip.

Thanks 2 GOOGLE, Facebook and WordPress (and Twitter 2) things are so much different 4 me than before.

All the best 2 my heroic hippie WordPress Team!

Soon We (a “Collective We” that Includes Google and Facebook) ARE GOING 2 ROCK THE WORLD.



This Blog was Prepared by ADOGG with critical Expert WordPress ASSISTANCE From Mark J and deeply appreciated heroic help from some San Francisco WordPress Warriors 4 the Truth!


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