It Is Going To Be Interesting To See What *Internet Martyrdom* Means Should It Occur With One Or More Of Us Four (12-12-12)

However, it is going to be bad for us four…

As One, Two, Three Or All Four Of Us won’t be here.

We will be in Heaven playing Pinochle with my mother and father Art and Marion Darman.

The Conclusion to the *Unfinished* WordPress Blog Written at the very end of March 2011 Titled “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me” Explains The Above.

Why Did I Not Finish the Above Mentioned Blog?

Because Beginning On April 1, 2011 the Mafia tried to Kill Me for Four Days IN A ROW.

There is an Extensive WordPress Blog Record of the Above On

Please Forgive All the Misspellings In This WordPress Blog Record of a Murder Attempt On Me…

Although No Excuse For Poor Spelling… at the Time I Wrote much of this NutrientsCure WordPress Blog Record in April 2011, I Was Quite Literally Being…

Poisoned with Gas.

Allen D


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